Monday, September 6, 2010

rain, go away. seriously.

Just got back from camping in three days of rain. Greaat. Since the summer was so stupid and cold, hopefully October will be super warm of something. Then we can finally have a Halloween where it wasn't snowing. Yesman? Change of Halloween costumes. Grey's Anatomy, thumbs down. Anywho, Jules has been bugging me about setting up my haiku that we are writing in AP English, so here it is:
A heart without love,
Is a rainbow without rain
Time without mistakes.

Or my backup:
The winter is cold,
But to be cold is to feel
I'm not sure I could.

Which one should I use? So long, gay boys.


    theeese are waaay bettter than mine would ever bee, soo imma gunna jack one (; ahahah.

  2. def the first one! (: and yes, i strongly hate snow. :P

  3. I'd go for the second one , lady.

    And I hear ya about rain, In Belgium it rains... Quite... Every day. Seriously. It's horrible.

    It's "splitneedles", by the way. Cheers!