Wednesday, September 29, 2010

p h o t o g r a p h y t i p s .

1.Any picture is just a two-dimensional representation of reality. If the colors in the scene are turned into shades of gray, from pitch black to brilliant white, other aspects of your photograph—shape, lighting, contrast, texture, tone—become the dominant elements.

2.Look for interesting combinations of color, light, shadow and texture.Morning light gives you warmer, yellow color. Late afternoon, or evening light provides colors with a hint of red to full red

3. Blurry: If you have a camera with manual controls, lower your aperture to a low f-number (wider aperture) like f2.8. Select either the Av (Aperture priority) or M (Manual) shooting mode on your camera to adjust aperture

4. Silhouettes:Option no.2
Underexpose Manually
Underexpose manually by decreasing the shutter speed bit by bit until you reach the perfect exposure for a dark silhouette. (This is a good technique for digital camera users rather than the film camera users because of waste of film.)

Option no.3
Underexposure setting:
Set your camera to underexpose automatically by changing the exposure to the minus side.

Sometimes cropping a subject to make the viewer focus on some specific detail is an extremely good idea. But other times, when it not about details, good to have the entire subject inside the picture and take a shoot as if the subject is just about to leave, but rather just about to come if it is not standing. If you are in hurry or not so sure about what you want and you also got a high megapixel camera, you can afford thinking about cropping after shooting in the post-editing process. Otherwise, get closer and if getting closer will scare away your subject (hehe) then use your zoom.

Monday, September 6, 2010

i got it on my phone, yo.

so, the title of this post is a quote from the one and only Yesman. Good timess.. so anyway, just watching 90210 right now, bored out of my mind. But this week should be fun. Beside from all the homework I already have ( none from mr.m, yeeyah ) the only football game worth going to is one friday. Yes, its the game after the every fun and eventful pep rally which me and yesman are going shopping for on wednesday. last year, it was a fun game. Me and micky went to it last year, and it was kinda jazzy, except for we lost big time. We were a bit for a falling star ( ehh, get it? staarr.. ) for that game, and i hear this years team isn't any better. but they better be, cause they are getting us off our butts to watch them. so, imma go to sleep now, but a new post tomorrow in photo-graphics !
ciaao, la bellos.

rain, go away. seriously.

Just got back from camping in three days of rain. Greaat. Since the summer was so stupid and cold, hopefully October will be super warm of something. Then we can finally have a Halloween where it wasn't snowing. Yesman? Change of Halloween costumes. Grey's Anatomy, thumbs down. Anywho, Jules has been bugging me about setting up my haiku that we are writing in AP English, so here it is:
A heart without love,
Is a rainbow without rain
Time without mistakes.

Or my backup:
The winter is cold,
But to be cold is to feel
I'm not sure I could.

Which one should I use? So long, gay boys.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Football game tonight, but no one actually goes to that but the seniors who are enjoying their last year and the freshies who think they are involved when really people are just trying not to let their annoyance at them show. So, instead, Micky and I are gaming out, a little Call of Duty, maybe old school Mario Cart? I think soo :) Anyways, now that I am at home, I can access my collection of music, so I got another playlist for you. I usually won't have two in one day, but today is special. Don't judge.

Playlist # 2

Two Doors Cinema Club- Eat That Up, It's Good For You
Mighty Tiger- 33 1/2
Class Actress- All The Saints
The Courteeners- You Over Did It, Doll
The Bravery- Ours
Dark Dark Dark- Daydreamers
Oh No! Yoko- 99 Kids
Modest Mouse- Float On
The Raveonettes- You Say You Lie

And that's just a short one, because I'm tired. I'll eventually add this onto the last post, but who knows when I'll do that. So,
Party on, Wayne.
Party on, Garth.