Monday, September 6, 2010

i got it on my phone, yo.

so, the title of this post is a quote from the one and only Yesman. Good timess.. so anyway, just watching 90210 right now, bored out of my mind. But this week should be fun. Beside from all the homework I already have ( none from mr.m, yeeyah ) the only football game worth going to is one friday. Yes, its the game after the every fun and eventful pep rally which me and yesman are going shopping for on wednesday. last year, it was a fun game. Me and micky went to it last year, and it was kinda jazzy, except for we lost big time. We were a bit for a falling star ( ehh, get it? staarr.. ) for that game, and i hear this years team isn't any better. but they better be, cause they are getting us off our butts to watch them. so, imma go to sleep now, but a new post tomorrow in photo-graphics !
ciaao, la bellos.


  1. pour pavour senorita silver. wanna cervesa?
    hahah just some language i learned in mexico, and yes cervesa means beer. ;) and falling star? k come on, why so genius?

  2. party on wayne,
    party on garth.
    btw. this. never. gets. old.

  3. ok, enouugh, child. imma get a donut.